We take Electricity, Gas and Water as a given when we move in to a property. Those are the 3 utilities that we all rely on.

That needs to change. We now need a 4th one: The Internet.

That's right, I am advocating that internet access should now just be a given for us all. We have become so reliant on it both personally and on a business level that it should be connected when we move in to a new place from day 1. Once we are moved in we select a provider.

Bold statement perhaps and one that is driven by the current situation I find myself in.

If we every run out of electricity I am screwed.

I am reliant on the internet more so than the average user as I work in IT. My living is made on developing software that only works on the internet. If we every run out of electricity, and as a result the internet, I am screwed. Then again if it gets to that we may all find times a little tough.

I have moved in to a brand new property as office space and I have been without the internet for over 2 weeks now, I still do not have a date when the copper will even be connected in this unit and the only company in the entire country that can do that is Telstra. I am completely at their mercy and as it stands I could be waiting another 2-3 weeks before I have internet access.

Not all is lost as I do have Telstra Mobile Broadband so I can still work. But here is the catch. It's costing me a frigging fortune!!!

I am up to 73Gb of usage thus far. Take away the 24Gb allowance I have already purchased which is 16Gb included in my mobile package + the extra 8Gb for $55 I bought and I have an additional 49Gb of data used at a cost of $10/Gb.

So it has cost me an extra $545 in 2 weeks because I am at the mercy of one company. But it's not just me at the mercy of Telstra, it's all the other internet providers. I am trying to get connected with iiNet and they are pretty much as frustrated as I am. I can't blame Telstra entirely though as it is a problem they have inherited as the telephone came before the internet, which relied on copper, but now the internet is here and it's far more crucial to us all than the ability to talk to someone.

That said the government allowed them to become a monopoly and control the one crucial piece of the puzzle: Copper. This is a great demonstration of the dangers of a monopoly.

As a result I, and many others like me, have to wait another 2-3 weeks and I could be looking at a bill well over $1100 and that's on top of the $200ish my mobile plan costs me.

If I was connected from day one the same amount of usage, in fact unlimited broadband usage would be costing me $69.99.

It's madness

Our beloved government has promised us the NBN. If I lived in the middle of nowhere I would probably already be connected but I live in the biggest city in Australia so I have to wait for the NBN. How does this make any sense at all that the place where business needs it the most is the place that now finds it hardest to get connected to the internet?

It's a sad state of affairs in Australia as far as the internet goes and the government have done IMHO a piss poor job with the internet and NBN. Primarily because the government is run by people that don't understand technology or the internet.

the internet should be connected like any other utility

So I am proposing that the internet should be connected like any other utility. When a new property is built and the water, gas and electricity are connected so should the copper for ADSL or fibre for NBN.